Saturday, April 18, 2015

18/30 Schlemiel

I've never felt so clueless
so out of luck the way it
never seems to go the way 
I think it should
no happiliy ever after no
silver linings to destract me
from the fact that you have
the amazing ability to make 
me feel stupid whenever you are near

maybe it's not a feeling 
maybe it's the truth 
and maybe this is my cue to depart
before the mean girl in you shows her face
and I forget for a minute that I don't
punch people anymore and forget
for a minute and forgot

I am always attracted to things and people
that cause more pain than joy never
really sure of what's happening
navigating niceties and lies
mine fields where they don't need to be
like we don't need to be

but I'm always a handy placeholder
the person you pretend with until
you can pretend with someone 
who overlooks the things you know
I can see, and I stay sometimes
refusing to believe I've held
someone so shallow in my mouth

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