Friday, April 3, 2015

3/30 Fabular

the way I heard it
she walked right in
no she didn't walk 
she kind of sauntered
rolling her hips in that way
or maybe she strolled 
like she could care less
but you could tell she cared a lot
anyway she walk, sauntered, strolled in
like she owned the place or at least her space in that place

I tell you I ain't never seen nobody
walk, saunter stroll in the way she did
not a care in the world and her rolling hips
in that place

then she stood pefrectly still
ok she moved a little 
but she was still in that way
you knew something was going to happen 
and it could be scary 
but you wanted to see
she stood perfectly stlill 
and looked at everybody 
like they owed her money
and they best be ready to pay up

I tell you I ain't never seen nobody
walk, saunter stroll in the way she did
not a care in the world, her rolling hips
all still and moving like that
pay me my money

then she made eye contact with this woman
she was a beautiful woman 
she kinda blushed
just in her eyes when she looked at her 
the way she looked
then she did that walk again all saunter and stroll
and hips
she walked right up on the beautiful one 
and smiled
showing no teeth 
but we saw them all

then she walked, sauntered, strolled right up to her
to the beautiful one 
like they knew each other
but not really 
you could tell
I mean there was chemistry 
but it kinda bounced around the room
got on everybody 
but they didn't notice
it was like being somewhere 
you shouldn't be
but we were all there and we saw everything
maybe we shouldn't have
then she, the woman, 
plunged her hand into her chest
just stuck it in there, 
it was magic and there was no blood
but her hand kinda disappeared into her body
and she just pulled it out
pulled it right out
she pulled her heart right out
and handed it, her heart, to the beautiful one 
it was normal

like people just walk, saunter stroll
not a care in the world hips rolling
still but moving all smile no teeth
eye contact and chemistry bouncing around the room
plunging her hand in her chest 
and giving it to a beautiful woman 
like it was normal
and magic

she just said three word
just three
she looked the beautiful woman 
in the eyes 
and said
this is yours
she said it just like that
this is yours
only three words
and she gave it to her
just handed it over
just gave this beautiful woman
three words and her heart

and the beautiful girl she smile
she smiled and said
thank you
I never saw no shit like that before

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