Saturday, April 11, 2015

12/30 Breaking Old Habits

The past stares back wide eyed
dares me to move forward
dares me to change my blues to gold
my squares to diamonds in the sky
the past his yellow hands his fake tears
push at the tender places buried in my chest
makes mines of memories
expects me to blow my chances

now he's mad afraid I'll find my pulse
afraid I'll start showing uo pn my own reflection
never seen me this strong before
so complete and willing to cut ties
he tried to feed me chaos and stagnation
tried to convince me my anger was misplaced
and a sign of weakness
didn't think I'd scrape myself off dingy walls
stand in my own green and grow

I told him you should not be here
you are what happened already take your prize
and get the fuck on
because this girl has new floors
she's walking back straight these days
the only thing straight about her
she's got shyt to do with people 
who are about doing new shyt 
and he need to stay in his place
behind her

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