Monday, April 3, 2017

3/30 Pyre


the night came quick
the way I do sometimes when the new of your skin
sparks and flames
too intense
in that moment the flush flashes over my skin
a momentary instance of shy
washes over me
then away

I am ready to spark again
this time enduring the possible burn
of too excited
too soon
but I linger in all the right places
as darkness became darker
we blazed brilliant
friction and commotion
palms full of promises
and repeat performances
the shy spreads again

I cover my skin its youth
not as young as it used to be

the bold combustion of you
wipes away the blush
and the covers
to rekindle again
the way your eyes scorch my skin
so we do a slow burn that lasts
a searing sentiment

you on the tip of my tongue