Friday, April 29, 2016

22/30 Where to Pee When I gotta Pee, Cause I gotta Pee and Shyt (see what I did there)

in the dream
I am in drag
because I do that sometimes
on a Wednesday
or some random Tuesday
the spice of life

when I walk this way
on those days
when my other wants to show his face
and strut like he can

when I am dressed this way
there are no cat-calls
because that would take a second look
and men who dismantle women
on random streets
only look once
it’s part of the illness

so I am walking
in drag down a street
on a random Wednesday
or Tuesday
good days for walking
in drag
on streets

I walk into a business
let’s say it is some random Starbucks
there fucking everywhere
it’s almost like I  can’t not walk in
I mean it’s there
they are everywhere
but I don’t want coffee
the coffee I have already consumed
insist on evacuating my body
like right now
like for real

so I enter
in drag
approach the bathroom
the one wearing a triangle
but I am  dressed like a boi
so the security guard

because now there are security guards
because the bathroom pass of the past
holds no weight here

he points to the men’s room aggressively
aggressive pointing I am convinced is an art
a weird one but, well, you know

I go in the direction he is pointing
because curious
because authority figure
because I am in drag
and he doesn’t know that when dressed in drag
I pee standing up
because my inner boi
in a past life
was a Boy Scout
always prepared
and I have not used a urinal in years
back then I didn’t have proper equipment

so I go
adjust my stance
not sure if the restroom is empty
it is
it is also nasty
but I got my Go Girl
and this girl
who looks like a boy
on Wednesdays
or Tuesday
has to go
standing up
so I do

someone enters as I shake off the excess
I saw it in a movie
before I walk into the stall
close the door and wipe proper
because home training

the man eyes me oddly
not sure what he is seeing
with my facial hair
with my suit
and shiny loafers and curves
with my bright pink apparatus
taking a warm soapy bath
before it is returned to my pocket

I tip my hat in his direction
don’t peek cause I’m not interested
as I exit
the security guard gives me a nod
then hesitates
the second look always fucks them up

I tip my hat
walk out of the coffee shop
walk back into Wednesday or Tuesday
in drag

I wake
think of all the other scenarios
the ones that don’t end amused
but shamed and invisible
the ones that end with prison sentences and fines
the ones that expose the parts that are private
the ones that involve my friends and their freedom

it is strange
that government has chosen
to enter the most private of places
oh wait, they've already entered our bedrooms
it is wrong and so fucking unconstitutional
the preamble just disappeared
“We the people”
has no meaning anymore

if it ever did

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