Thursday, April 14, 2016

13/30 Tonsorial

when you are a single mother
with boys
that have hair
they refuse to comb
and school starts soon
and there are stores that sell clippers
so you buy them
the barber shop is too expensive
three visits pays for the clippers
and then
there is more money
for the clothes they are outgrowing
for the shoes that always need replacing
for the meals missing mid-day in summer
this practical single mother knows
she has no skills at cutting hair
but how hard can it be
she has seen hair cut
her sons are not eager to be
experimental performance
no one wants to go first
the youngest loses the fight
he sits not as calm as he pretends
there is a soft buzz
an ouch
a retort of
damn your ears are big
a little blood
then an
the older brother slaps his hand
across his lips
to stuff back the explicative
that will get his ass beat
while the sisters laugh
the younger brother advances on
the mirror
mouth stretched in a scream
that won’t come
a tear falls
the mother is upset
she didn’t do it on purpose
she apologizes to the crying boy
who now has to have it
a trim turned bald
the older brother declares
he wants to grow the biggest
afro in the world
while the younger develops
an interest

in hats

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