Friday, April 15, 2016

14/30 Consent (the remix)

I am not your lucky
not your blarney stone
or rabbits foot
I will not set you free by touching me
or any part of my body

I am listening to you lament about consent
how no man has the right to touch any part of a woman
or approach her like it is his duty
and I am calling so much bullshit in my head
because not an hour ago you approached me
a smile on your face
reached up and touched me without my consent
or permission

so not only do you not practice what you preach
you have no business in the pulpit
no business selling your snake oil
because you are just as guilty of the crime
you know so much about
you commit it yourself

my brother once said to me that becoming a lawyer
can make you a perfect criminal

you tell me you are an ally how you will stand for me,
in front of me if need be
and that is exactly the wrong thing

you speak of respecting people of color
but the boundaries that exist
do not seem to apply to me
your hair is so pretty you say
reaching without asking
touching without permission

when I step away you look put-off
tell me you were just honoring my style
or is it because I’m white

It is not because you are white
it is because my body doesn’t belong to you
and you seem to believe that only
men can objectify women
only men need to ask for consent
every consensual lover I have ever had
can touch my body to their hearts desire
hair included
a mutual understanding
and believe it or not some of those lovers are white
so it’s not about race
it is about respect
it is about practicing what you preach
penis or not

when you touch me without my permission
you do not have consent
and yes, that includes
your lame ass excuse

about honoring my hair

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