Monday, April 4, 2016

2/30 Musth

when normal leaves me lonely
when the sun is there shining
offering no warmth or forgiveness
the tears continue to flow
down cheeks
into my ears
drowning my pillows
i try to will my heart to stop
stop the pinning
stop being sick in love

the anxiety comes at the strangest time
strange, but it makes as much sense as anything
on Tuesday when my mind wanders to places
it knows better
and i get stuck in the heart with sick
and blubber and messy
it gets everywhere
then leaks from my eyes
spills on everything
all over again

but Wednesday is coming
there are no tears on Wednesday
a mid pointing in the direction of hope
no map just go
just move on

but i can't
my mind may wonder
but my heart remains rooted
tho the spot

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