Sunday, April 10, 2016

9/30 What Happens in Crowds

we are not in this alone
not by ourselves
even though we think we know better
feeling south of other
and nowhere to be found
there are others
they just don’t acknowledge our presence
they have better things to do
and part of that is not thinking about
what we are struggling with
which is really not a struggle
just  two people not talking about anything
and it’s a problem
but it’s our problem

we are not the only ones
we just don’t talk about it
just move
and pretend
and nothing
and if you talked to me finally
I am not even sure I would remember your voice
and you maybe don’t care enough to notice
and maybe someday
I’ll stop feeling like the chain around your neck
the thing you never wanted to be a part of

the kiss you wish you could take back

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