Saturday, April 9, 2016

5/30 Arrivals and Departures

Arrivals and Departures

traffic at the airport was terrible
the rain washed away dividing lines
so many cars with no paths to guide them
they barely miss kissing bumpers

I notice but I don’t 
all I can think about is kissing you

you’ve only been gone two weeks
the scent of you lingers on the walls
my bed still holds the imprint of your frame
I miss the feel of you in my arms on my skin
I signal into the parking lot eagerly awaiting your arrival

I don’t think about the arguments over nothing
over photos with strangers or my too busy schedule
I don’t think about how when you said you had to get away
sounded like final destination or fleeing the scene of a crime
I don’t want to remember how you wanted me to choose
between what I love and who I love
how the way you make complicated sound like
a disease you need to cure yourself from

the flowers I bought are only a few days old
a few dollars cheaper than brand new 
I love you on a budget
is still I love you

my phone rings in the pocket next to my keys
your face a flame on my screen
the smile hidden in my heart shows up on my face
before your voice says you have decided to stay a few more days
before you say we need to talk
before the flowers lose the little life they had left

the traffic at the airport will always be terrible
in the parking lot I prepare to depart
knowing once I pay the fee to free my car
I will never see or hear from you again

the dividing lines are blurry
more from my tears than the rain
the car next to me veers into my lane

I barely miss kissing the bumper 

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