Friday, April 22, 2016

21/30 Adore

(I wrote this in a journal years ago from a first love making prompt. I never did anything with it because it was so phucking cheesy. I found the journal yesterday in a panicked search after learning of the death of Prince. I cleaned it up a bit, changed the parts that super didn't make sense and tried to make it a little less Velveeta. I am still in shock.) 

it’s not so much the song
it’s that that was the song
we shared the first time
we made love

when we split
I avoided the song
like that would make
the memories of us less painful
the way you frowned when I said Prince
confessed you’d never heard
I doubted if there could be space
for you in my heart
I mean who the fuck has never listened to Prince
and do I want to invite that kind of insanity into my life

but I adored you and thought maybe
if I serenaded you soft and wet
as we strolled uptown
let you glimpse my dirty mind
pondering what I would do when you were mine
was I getting ahead of myself
did I really feel for you
or was I just delirious
with the prospect of falling for you
because I want to be your lover
two girls creating controversy
on a campus that could barely contain us
our first slow dance to purple rain
ended lips locked hands fumbling
my first orgasm with you
I was fully clothed
the kiss left me breathless and blushing
while doves were crying
you liberated  my body from clothes
breasts from bras
a sign of the times to come
this strange relationship blooming
you the most beautiful girl in the world
always in my hair
with all my nerves I never doubted
that it would be a beautiful night
in the morning over starfish and coffee
we talked about what would happen
if I was your girlfriend
well If I was this could be us every night
because together we were some sexy motherfuckers

and it was the song and you
and there is a comfort in knowing
the first time we made love
We had the Beautiful ones approval

a soundtrack to loving you

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