Wednesday, April 13, 2016

10/30 Lessons for Legislators

it starts the way you start
with dinner
perhaps drinks
dancing could show its pretty face
all slow and grinding
all hips

there will be hands
caressing napes of neck
base of spines
information being translated
without words
just touch

lips will be involved
sweet chaste kisses
that turn deep
standing or sitting
still wearing all of our clothes

the murmurs will begin
the urgency
our breaths will catch
on the other side of release
that part comes later
after the before

there will be a ninja style
of removing bras
I have worked hard at this part
I have the skill
I once removed a bra and she didn’t realize
until I handed it back to her
clamped and neatly folded,
but I digress

the hands that never left return
there is molding and kneading
unbuckling of pants or the raising of skirts
fingers dipping into panties
or the sliding away of a thongs
there will be wet and wanting
and thrust
the slow reveal

there will be at least two orgasms
before our naked bodies meet
I am more interested
in her receiving of pleasure
than my own
that may be a difference between us

once in bed
where we should be able to explore
in private
but you want to know so badly
you want to make this public
I only hope you are taking notes
I hate repeating my words
and while I cannot teach you
the art of multiple orgasm
for your wife’s sake
I hope you are paying attention

we may wear covers
or let the moon watch in wander
as we move across each other
the kind we make in our throats
when I take her in my mouth
the arch of her back will mold to my palms
when she opens for me
I will know the true meaning of welcome
of home
of g-spot and held breaths
she will know all the honesty I own
and when she returns the favor
you will see my gratitude
all over her face

when we finish it could be hours
there is so much skin
we both have skin
this will take time
not all rush and fumble
not a silent affair
our moans and shouts
decorate the walls
and while it may confuse the neighbors
we are proud of our display
our cacophony
our love
the way we make it

so there is my private
my love you want to legislate
with law
when what you really are
is jealous of the fact
that beauty that pleasure exists
without your penis,
I mean 
your laws

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