Monday, April 18, 2016

15/30 Late Night Musings

puffy eyes and runny nose
 shaking hands
 and that tick thing I do
 that I have noticed recently
 body flutters
 that have nothing to do with
 or the mosquitoes Georgia rain
 has convinced they are supposed
 to be alive still
 at night
 like vampires
 chasing my face for blood
 I cannot spare
 my neighbors
 peeking through blinds
 wondering about this ritualistic thing
 I do
 at night
 especially on nights
 when my heart yearns for close
 when close is not an option
 the words that keep me grounded
 for now
 until I float away
 a happenstance of rising tides
 a loose anchor
 a pirate without a port or harbor to call home
 so I find home
 in the words falling from my mouth
 like so much rain
 like if I didn't practice
 someone other than me would know
 or care
 why do I care

then I glimpse you
 a memory
 the clouds
 the part of me that moves through the lonely
 like I do
 so well

 on nights like this

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