Wednesday, April 29, 2015

25/30 Maudlin

another black man committed suicide 
today well it was accidentally on purpose
his back broken surrounded by blue
but he did it to himself isn't that the way 
it happens always every 28 minutes
in America those magic hued thugs
those escape artists the way they shoot 
themselves in the faces while hands cuffed 
behind their backs not smoke and mirrors but
some other kind of magic they try to convince
us don't exist the cameras roll
they so magic we don't believe our eyes
we have so many question like
why they be breaking their own backs
why they be shooting themselves in the back
never once but multiple
why your wallets look like guns
why is it that after you're shot dead
you still gotta be handcuffed
how do you hold your breath so long 
you can no longer breath
we saw the video just don't believe our eyes
so good those officers hugged you
goodbye who needs evidence
when you live in a land surrounded
by all that blue

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