Friday, April 3, 2015

2/30 Funambulist

There are days when the distance seems close
the ground so near a fall would merely lean in 
to kiss your mouth and all the doubt it holds
when walikng the line is a decision made
after long deliberation each step considered 
before removing the net so sure you will not
need it's protection

when staying close to home is the only
thing you know

until comfort confines
arms banded resticting movement 
when safe and coward change names
and you crave what you cannot touch 
what you can only see when you scale 
the walls you've built around yourself
keeping the world out
and you out of the world

you remember walking on air once
the rush of adrenaline 
the belief that you owned this
no more fear just death defying faith
the way you lit up a room because you could

and then that thing happened
the thing you want to name
but doing so gives it a life of it's own
and you may not recognize your reflection
so you become mason
began builing yourself away
from all reflective surfaces
afraid to look at your own light
your smile gone tremble

in another life
you wore confidence with a flourish
cape around your shoulder
your feather like steps so sure 
as you walked out floated on the air
never looking back or down
no need for a net
not caring how far the fall

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