Monday, April 13, 2015

15/30 Ode to My Hands ( Teen Slam Prompt)

on the days when my hands feel to light for my body
fingers fluttering remembering a time when they were wings
could catch the wind push away from the earth
get closer to the sky that birthed me
holding church with the clouds listening to 
the songs played by nature's choir bird song
and lightly falling rain

or the times when I feel so angry
that my hands my fly away betray my
latent pugilistic ways causing pain
in a physical way an action I no longer believe in
I believe in the love in my palms
no matter how much this world begs me to fight back

sometimes they dangle wanting to be raised in protest
fisted punching the sky chanting freedom songs
and holding hands with others who believe in the same 
justice if only for a little while
they are my favorite part of me these hands
so when I take them out on the town I dress them up in shine
seven rings for ten fingers not because I neglect the other three
but because it's just the right shine

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