Tuesday, April 7, 2015

8/30 Badinage


my pick up line was unrehearsed
a sad attempt to win your smile
the furrow of your brow made me think 
I fucked up, misjudged your interest
but you were just thinking

I love a woman who thinks

the slow drag of your eyes on my frame
measuring me made my shirt tight
my body liked your body back
my clumsy line your face a round glow
my favorite smile decorates your face
I win


our rivers find new banks to rest by fall
our love a different thing we know the winds
will blow us in each others path again
each time the first time
you get all of my twisted jokes
and I love the way you growl in frustration
our kisses linger over everything
we are no strangers to the strange that is us
on any given Wednesday
your smile still a balm
and my favorite place to visit

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