Monday, April 20, 2015

22/30 On Art #2 (found collaboration with educators)

I dream a dream where every child of every hue
picks up a pen or perhaps a paint brush to
create a world where fear does not exist.
Inspire the next generation to think outside the box.

Nourishing the soul, an important form
of self-expression, feeling good and lifting spirits.
Truth and beauty – the biggest of pictures.
The arts are real dreams that become imagination.

An understanding of the importance of Art in their
Everyday lives. All kids; all the time.
To broaden a child’s horizon, open a whole new world,
free to experience joy with open minds.

Education is the key to unlock the artist inside of every
child. Watch the world change through their eyes.
Removing limits allowing dreams to live out loud
Free to chase their expression and connect with the world.

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