Tuesday, April 7, 2015

7/30 Diddle

the idea that you are still out there
snatching rugs disquised as future from children
who should have been warned
and parents who should have researched
figured out why you are so cheap
that anything at that price is not worth it 
take their babies to some place real
instead of a place where those
who saw it in its prime 
throw tears like tantrums at the sight of the place
that kept them full on words and wisdom
turned third world question mark
their childhoods tainted in a forward kind of way
they vow never to return

when profit at any price
became you mantra we knew
it was over tried to warn the others
but there will always be someone out there
desperate enought to believe the lie
you dress up like last decades best kept secret
reciepts left on so it can be returned
they will never get what they need here
but then again 
you get what you pay for

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