Friday, April 24, 2015

23/30 Rules

it is 2015 and I am still setting
boundaries that should be understood
explaining how I am no object
not here for your admiration or touch
I am not an extension of your greedy hands

my hands should have never left the
safety of my side fingers clinched
refusing to be produce am I ripe enough yet
the hands should have never raised to
shove you away I gave up pugilism years ago

the only living witness the cashier and the 
hair growing from my head the bouquet of flowers 
drooped when my hands gave in 
the clock on the wall confused that this is still happening 
do we still live in a time where people are inspected like cattle

her name was Regina red script on a badge
attached to her heart she never wanted to see this
never wanted to share her frown pretended your
white privilege had nothing to do with the freedom
of your hands on my black body
here eyes say I would never do anything like that
though she is doing it by holding her tongue
weighing if I'm worth her fucking tip

the stale smell of your breath on my face
as you tell me how pretty my hair is
because how could I know if you didn't say
the taste of violation as I suck my teeth
consider for a moment slapping the tongue from your mouth
the sight and feel of hands, not mine roaming my body
the sound of colonization

only I know why I sequestered my inner pugilist
my attempt to avoid jail time and hash-tags
I remind my children they are bigger than that
don't lower yourself to the levels of others
but defend yourself if you are attacked
your hands on my body without my 
permission is an attack

I keep this knowledge in my palms
the last time I lifted my hands to push 
another person away next time my words will
singe more than the aftermath of parchment
thirsty to fill you with the knowledge
to keep your damn hands to yourself

1 comment:

  1. I know this all too well. Saddened that I learned the difference between compliment and attack the hard way.