Thursday, April 30, 2015

26/30 Veridical

if we are to believe that the things we
hear are truer than the things we see
we have not evolved in all the ways we think
my eyes are my truest barometers they detect
the truth in seeing is believing
but this world has lost sight of vision
we are now to see and not believe the truth it's toungue
in our mouths begging for validation
if only there was such a thing as opend mouthed
honesty, just say what the thing is
own the bullets and the beatings
strike your chest say it was what you intended
say you are afraid 
say, you can't imagine a people so beat down
would never respond the same way you do
say, you don't trust that if they had the chance
they wouldn't sell you away from you family
wouldn't serve you blankets full of disease
wouldn't shoot you in the back
wouldn't starve your people, walk them off cliffs
say, you don't believe they wouldn't take
the land you stole back
mark you immigrant
demand you show your papers
demand you take your lady liberty and leave
say, you don't believe in middle passage promises
say, you don't believe they won't retaliate
your fear isn't really the people you stole from
in the form of land, life and freedom
your fear is that they are as inherently evil as you
have always been
and you can't imagine that they wouldn't 
do the same to you

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