Monday, April 6, 2015

6/30 Panopoly

the curtains match nothing in the room
they hang limp and disinterested
closed mouthed and full of remorse
blind to the implications

this room so dark holds more than memory
a showplace, a stage where we perform
the self-hate programed so deep in some
the need to share overwhelms

I read a statement that suggests black women
boycott a music man because the woman he loves
is not black enough for him
but she is black enough to judge based on her color

this room in this world that tells black women
we are not enough, too dark to be taken seriously
we recycle the brown bag test history says we've failed
to tell our sisters they are not dark enough for someone else

so much irony, so many bodies discounted
yet you, create new rules around every corner
and dictionary are to cumbersome to use
to find the definition of this level of ignorance

where should we hang the signs, black woman
the signs that read not dark enough for this fountain
where will we offer the shade test for the right brown or black
will it be the same color as these ugly ass curtains

in the background of this story is a man some man 
with a women he chose while some other woman 
decides that their love could not be as black 
as her love for a man she will never know

like this room doesn't hold a history of not enough
walls we have tried to scale for centuries
no more back of the bus we have turned our skill
to throwing our sisters under them

the first lady says black girls rock 
while white women insert themselve in something
that is not about them and you fix your mouth
to insinuate that some black is too light to rock

this ugly room so dark that no shade of black 
can be identified just black we all black women here just black
what are you using as litmus how many levels of hate
are you trying to escavate and am I the next to not be black enough

maybe these curtains do match something in this room

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